Large handle dispenser 8L

Product details

Heavy duty transparent gravity dispenser. It is hermetically sealed to protect the goods from external contact. This Genbox dispenser meets food standards without BPA and phthalates. It cuts costs by eliminating product packaging and lowers transportation costs.

Machine washable          Food contact

Secure cover            Tool-free assembly


Technical specifications :

  • Weight 1,95 kg
  • Dimensions (Width / Depth / Height): 150 x 370 x 435 mm

65,00 D.F

Goes well with :

Detailed description :


Complete Ecological solutions, the most innovative from the market, for retail sales. They combine flexibility and functionality without neglecting design. Sales increase of between 25 and 35%

Merchandising solutions that boost your shelves and make them more attractive. Reduces costs by eliminating product packaging and reduces costs linked to shipping. Reduces the energy resources needed to manufacture the packaging used.

A respectful solution

An ergonomic bi-material handle offering more comfort, associated with an antibacterial treatment that guarantees an optimal use.

One-piece construction and secure cover

Simplifies assembly and cleaning. Every operation is simpler and less time-consuming. So many arguments that will win you over!

A practical solution

The flow rate of the dispenser can be adjusted from the outside, on the handle. This ingenious system is easier to use and more hygienic.


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